Signing With A Bass
Signing With A Bass

ASL Instructor Kim Bass, M.S., NIC

ASL Classes for Children

All classes are based on the Baby Signing Time and Signing Time Series. I offer a variety of class types to fit many needs. They are offered in 4, 8, 12 and 16 week sessions. The classes are designed to teach children and/or their caregivers.

ASL Classes for Adults

I can do one-on-one or group situations. The charge can vary depending on the group and how long and how often you would like to meet. Please contact me for rates and hours of availability.

Online Store

The Signing Time DVDs, CD’s, board books and flashcards may be purchased in class or on line. Materials are not required for class, but are always available for purchase.

Do you want to be able to communicate with your Little One before they can speak?

SIGNING WITH A BASS is excited to bring you Signing Time Academy Classes! Classes provide children of all ages and abilities the opportunity to learn a way to communicate or to enhance communication with family and friends.

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