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ASL Instructor Kim Bass, M.S., NIC

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About Your ASL Instructor Kim Bass

Kim Bass Master Signing Time Instructor
Kim Bass
Master Signing Time Instructor

I have an Associate degree in Interpreting for the Deaf from The University of Akron. I continued my education and achieved my B.S. degree in Paralegal Studies from Lake Erie College in Ohio. My goal was to combine my passion of interpreting with working in the legal field. I furthered my profession and received my M.S. degree in Vocational Rehabilitation with a focus on Deafness from the University of Arkansas. Since then, I managed an agency in Michigan to test individuals on their current abilities to try fitting them with the right job to match those skills.

I currently work in the evenings at a video relay service and have taught adults for the past few years in adult education classes and at the college level. When time permits I also interpret in the community and at the college level.

I am married to Paul and we have 2 school age children, named Emma and Owen. We have definitely seen the difference with our daughter, who at 5 years old started reading Dr. Seuss books by herself. My husband and I both felt that her learning American Sign Language had really given her a boost in her reading and spelling abilities. Owen has picked up Sign Language quite easily due to Emma and me signing to each other.

Many mothers in my community asked me to teach their children sign language.  My children had enjoyed the Signing Time videos for years, and their progress was my own evidence-based assessment of their effectiveness.  And, because the Signing Time videos have a creative and engaging curriculum that is motivating to young children and their parents, I knew, hands down, that this was the program to use.  Signing Time compliments my diverse background in American Sign Language and enhances my instructional offerings.

I have set up classes in daycares, with homeschooling groups and infants. In the summer I run a sign language camp for children called ‘Kim’s Kamp’. We hold it at Hiram College Field Station. We always have lots of help from Hiram Education students and students from Gallaudet University! It is a lot of fun for all ages!!