Signing With A Bass

ASL Instructor Kim Bass, M.S., NIC

Adult ASL Workshops

Please contact me to schedule workshops.

Signing Time! Parent & Caregiver Orientation
Come to the crash course on ASL! This fast-paced 90-minute workshop introduces parents, grandparents, expectant mothers, and other caregivers to the world of American Sign Language. We will discuss the benefits and basic principles of signing with pre-verbal children as well as the long-terms benefits of signing throughout the school years. Many signs from the Signing Time classes are introduced, as well as important information on Deaf Culture and many commonly asked questions about sign language. Babies in arms only, please.

Class for Teachers and Daycare Centers
This workshop will include a thorough review of the Teachers Curriculum or the Signing Time Preschool & Child Care Program unit by unit, activity by activity, so that educators will understand how to include sign language into your existing program once they get back to their classes.  The class is currently available through Hiram College for credit, but it can be set up at your school or daycare.  The total amount of hours included is 20-24.

Professional Trainings
We will train your staff to use ASL in the classroom, hospital room, office, etc.

Program Topics:
Each topic teaches 10+ signs!
My First Signs; Playtime Signs; Everyday Signs; Family, Feelings & Fun; ABC Signs; My Favorite Things; Leah’s Farm; The Great Outdoors; The Zoo Train; My Day; My Neighborhood; Time to Eat; Welcome to School; Nice to Meet You; Happy Birthday to You; Move & Groove; My Favorite Season; Going Outside; Days of the Week; My Favorite Sport; My House; My Things; Helping Out Around the House; Once Upon A Time; Box of Crayons; Who Has the Frog?

Classroom Edition Units:
At School; In My Classroom; Colors; Feelings; The Alphabet; Numbers; Getting Along; Family; Outside; Seasons; Eat and Drink; Fruits and Vegetables; Days of the Week; Pets; Farm Animals; Zoo Animals

Introductory Presentations for Parents/Caregivers
30-90 minutes depending on the event
free, minimum of 15 people

1 1/2 – 4 hours depending on the event
rates vary