Signing With A Bass

ASL Instructor Kim Bass, M.S., NIC

Benefits of Sign Language

There are many benefits of signing with babies and children.

  • Children are able to understand and communicate before they are able to speak.
  • Babies have the ability to sign around 6-14 months of age.
  • Signing can help reduce frustration and tantrums.
  • Signing is a great way to bond with your child.
  • Children who sign are learning to link symbols with concepts.
  • Signing may improve reading ability, spelling and IQ scores.
  • Children with speech delays, learning disabilities, autism, and other developmental or learning delays can also benefit from exposure to American Sign Language.


Benefits of Signing Time Academy Classes

  • Having other parents to exchange information with and provide mutual support can help in your efforts.
  • Having other children in class helps your children see and practice the signs with peers which reinforces what you are doing and builds the belief that they can do it too.
  • Classes provide the motivation to continue signing each week, which increases the likelihood that you’ll be consistent in your efforts and reap the benefits.
  • In class you’ll have the benefit of a quality instructor to answer questions and demonstrate the correct way to do a sign.

Benefits of signing with children with special needs

  • Sign can be an amazing tool for children with Autism, Down Syndrome, Apraxia of Speech, speech delays, hearing loss and deafness, etc.
  • Signing may be the only way for them to communicate and may encourage verbal communication.  Read Rachel Coleman’s story, the founder of Signing Time to see how this was true for her family.

Benefits of Signing Time DVD’s

  • Engaging DVD’s that both children and adults will enjoy and can participate together.
  • Uses real American Sign Language (ASL) signs, not made up or modified signs.  This has the same benefits as exposing your child to a second spoken language.
  • Fantastic animation with original clever, fun songs with quality music.
  • Shows real babies and children signing.